Acceptable Waste Types at the Landfill

Some items listed within the categories below may not be acceptable for disposal at the Warren County District Landfill. Please call (908) 453-2174 if you should have a question regarding any item.

10 – Municipal (household, commercial and institutional): Waste originating in the community consisting of household waste from private residences, commercial waste which originates in wholesale, retail or service establishments, such as, restaurants, stores, markets, theaters, hotels and warehouses, and institutional waste material originated in schools, hospitals, research institutions and public buildings.

13 – Bulky waste: Large items of waste material, such as appliances and furniture. Discarded automobiles, trucks and trailers and large vehicle parts, and tires are included under this category.

13C – Construction and Demolition waste: Waste building material and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition operations on houses, commercial buildings, pavements and other structures. The following materials may be found in construction and demolition waste: treated and un­treated wood scrap; tree parts, tree stumps and brush; concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks and other masonry; plaster and wallboard; roofing materials; corrugated cardboard and miscellaneous paper; ferrous and non­ferrous metal; non-asbestos building insulation; plastic scrap; dirt; carpets and padding; glass (window and door); and other miscellaneous materials; but shall not include other solid waste types.

25 – Animal and food processing wastes: Processing waste materials generated in canneries, slaughter­houses, packing plants or similar industries, including animal manure when intended for disposal and not reuse. Also included are dead animals. Animal manure, when intended for reuse or composting, is to be managed in accordance with the criteria and standards developed by the Department of Agriculture as set forth at N.J.S.A. 4:9-38.

27 – Dry industrial waste: Waste materials resulting from manufacturing, industrial and research and development processes and operations, and which are not hazardous in accordance with the standards and procedures set forth at N.J.A.C. 7:26G. Also included are nonhazardous oil spill cleanup waste, dry nonhazardous pesticides, dry nonhazardous chemical waste, and residue from the operations of a scrap metal shredding facility.

27I – Waste material consisting of incinerator ash or ash containing waste.